Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI by Paul D. Brazill

One of the things I enjoy about Crime Noir is the modern take on pulp fiction covers. This cover is very simple in terms of detail and yet manages to convey everything that it needs to. It is clean with no wasted effort. It sets the tone nicely for the stories inside. I’ve read a couple of these stories before in other anthologies but there are others that I haven’t read. My favourite Dalton story is She’s My Witch. It is one of the stories that I had read before and even though I could vividly remember most of the story I enjoyed it just as much the second time round.

Paul D. Brazill has a definite and distinct style. As you start to read his work they feel like American Noir, but not quite. There are little things that could only possibly be written by somebody that has spent a lot of time in the UK. There is a blue collar Brit feel that comes across quite subtly at times but at others it is bleeding obvious. This book is insanely easy to read and I enjoyed all of the stories.

Roman Dalton was a police detective. He retired after being mauled whilst on the job. He’s kinda recovered to become a PI. I say recovered. Now he’s a Werewolf with an insatiable hunger. Luckily he has just enough control to aim his hunger at criminals most of the time. He is a ticking time bomb. There is a sense throughout these stories that at some point he’ll eat the entire population of an orphanage and not be able to live with himself. This provides an extra level of tension that I really enjoyed.

This is an unflinching blue collar Brit Noir that should not be missed. Seriously, buy it now.


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