Celebrations in the Ossuary by Kyle J. Knapp

I think everybody should read poetry once in a while. I always try to read poetry out loud or at worst mouth and mutter the words. I didn’t get these poems at first but as soon as I started reading them aloud the passion and emotion really came through. There were points in this book where I found myself sneering with contempt or growling with rage borne of frustration.  There was also a feeling that he always felt alone in the world, especially in a group. This I could really relate to.

This book is not for everyone. The metre is not easy to grasp at first and a good vocabulary is required for some of the poems. More than anything though this is a dark and angst ridden work. This book made me think back to my own dark times as a youth and how I came through them. I couldn’t express my emotions and so I scribbled in little notepads. I could feel every  word of this collection like a physical connection. It hurt to read this at times. It is a shame that Kyle J. Knapp was not lucky enough to navigate his way through those times.

Life is fragile but art like this will live on.



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