Tis The Season To Be Depressed

It is the winter solstice today. The darkest day of the year. Not just literally though. There is something ominous and oppressive about this time of year. It isn’t really a surprise to me that for centuries we have ensured there is some kind of festival at this time of year. Even an old misery guts like me needs to see people happy. It does help. Help what? Depression. We all know people with depression. Most of them are fine. Or at least want you to think they are. Between the time my mum died and I moved in with my wife I spent as little time with people as possible at this time of year. I hid away in my own little world and in online ones as well. That worked for me for a while but it was never going to be a successful long term coping strategy. I’m a very lucky man. I married one of the most wonderful women in the world. She gives me space when I need it but will push back and make me get help when I need that. I’m starting to understand why my mum dying was so terribly debilitating for my dad. I can also see how other people fall apart after life changing experiences. I can even see how believing in a god can help. Whatever works.

To all the people out there feeling worse than I do I say hang in there. Look to your coping mechanisms. Whether they be to go and see family members or read a book in a quiet room or even visit a place of worship. Do what you have to do. Get through the darkness as best you can.


You think you are because when you look around you see no solace. Most of us have friends and family that would be glad to help if we but asked. Especially at this time of year. Asking for help is really hard. I know that. Instinctively we know that people need help at this time of year and are more open to it. If you really feel like you have nobody you can talk to there are other options. Online chat rooms dedicated to support that you can be anonymous on. Wonderful helplines such as The Samaritans who will not judge you. Just open a search browser and search for ‘depression help’. This post is part of how I’m coping this year. I’m looking forward to the holidays this year and I hope you are too.

Peace out all.


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