Miami Requiem by J.B. Turner

This book pulls no punches. It doesn’t skirt around the horrific acts it concerns and yet it is written in such a way that it doesn’t glamorize them. This book isn’t about the rape at the centre of the plot. It is about consequences. The Butterfly Effect. Every action or inaction adds to a chain of events that keeps on gathering pace. There are parts of this book that are not pleasant to read given the subject matter but they do add colour. The author does an excellent job of getting across the isolation and crushing panic that accompanies anybody finding out about an attack.

The story is about a young reporter that becomes obsessed with seeing a death row victim being able to life out his natural life. William Craig saw his daughter’s rapist not only walk away free from court but after the trial drive by harass her. He killed the rapist and was sentenced to death for killing the senator’s son. I really liked Deborah Jones. She starts out with flaws and problems. She doesn’t overcome them, she deals with them the best she can. This made her seem much more real to me. She also shows at the end of the book that she’s capable of being nasty and manipulative to do what she feels is right as the expense of a not so nice politician.

I don’t normally include quotes from the book in my reviews but this line at the end of chapter one sets the scene for the rest of the book so well I just have to share it.

“Florida may be the Sunshine State to most people, but it’s not. It’s a swamp. Don’t ever forget that.”

This is a hard-nosed investigative thriller that left me wanting more. I’ll certainly be looking out for more Deborah Jones stories.


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