Death Angel Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games

I can remember playing the original Space Hulk when it first came out. It blew our minds. I’d never played a board game with tension like that before. For me it is about being Sigourney Weaver sneaking furtive glance at the air-conditioning ducts. Surprisingly Fantasy Flight have managed to get some of that feeling across.

If you haven’t played Space Hulk before and haven’t seen Aliens then most of my descriptions are going to be pointless. In basic terms a Hulk is a collection of ships that has massed together in the warp (a horrid place where physics is option and nasty demons come out to play). You get to play a Space Marine (two actually) which makes you a god amongst men and one of the greatest warriors in the galaxy. You have been sent to cleanse the nasty Genestealers from the Hulk before they reach a populated planet and start to subvert and control their population.The fate of billions of lives depends on your small squad. Game on!

This is the first time I’ve ever played a co-operative card game. I have to say that it was a genius idea. We played with four players and it is a difficult game. In four attempts last night we didn’t manage to win. We came close once before failing five rolls in a row and the remaining four characters all dying. I can’t wait to play it again. The interaction between the various characters is very interesting. We’ve found that all attacking in the same round tends to be somewhat of a bad idea. Also the support tokens are often best used on a character other than yourself. The game forces you to use tactics that are not usual in board or card games. I’m used to spending hours preventing my mates win games of Talisman even if I know I can’t win.

If you manage to do better than us and manage to beat the game you can make it even harder with some upgrade packs. It sounds like a bad idea to me but I’m fairly sure we’ll be getting hold of a pack or two.

I would recommend 4-5 players as any less and it can be quite complicated and confusing, not to mention significantly slower.

I can’t wait to play this game again.


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