Apex Cypher by Colin F. Barnes

Mr Barnes has rapidly become one of my favourite authors and his Techxorcist series is in my opinion his finest work. This novella is a prequel to the series and adds some extra back story for Gabe and Petal. This is good for me because I love the character Gabe. Not only is he intelligent and able to kick ass in many ways, but that isn’t what I like the most about him. I can hear every line of Gabe’s dialogue as if he’s standing next to me and the depth of his character has kept me interested throughout the series.

This story is set before Gabe and Petal get to the dome. Instead of a mission to free thousands of people this is a story about the less than pleasant things that are required to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world. Gabe and Petal take on a simple mission to get paid in food and water. Or course nothing is that simple, especially when even the rain can kill.  There has been a lot of thought in to how a nuclear holocaust would impact everything and everybody even fifty years in the future. Nothing is nice and nothing is easy. Every choice is difficult and comes with consequences.

I really enjoyed this book and am really hoping that Mr Barnes isn’t making this his last Techxorcist story. Please buy this book so I can read another one.


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