The Year I Died Seven Times Book #2 by Eric Beetner

This is the second part of a serialized novel. The first part set the scene nicely and killed the main protagonist Ridley. That doesn’t count as a spoiler as the title kind of gives it away. I like the idea of a serialized novel in principal but I’m rapidly finding it really annoying. I don’t want to wait until the third part is released. I want, no I need to read it now. Whilst the two parts are so far self-contained to an extent I don’t want to wait, I hate waiting. I also don’t want to risk forgetting the initial part by the time the story concludes. On the other hand that could open up an extra level of surprise as my brain struggles to catch up. I’m interested to see how I feel about this as the series continues.

The story itself carries on nicely from the first part. Ridley really is rather pathetic when it comes to a main character in a crime novel. So far there is no hard-edge and although persistent this is usually confined to the realms of screwing up and getting beaten up. The misogynistic needy wannabe alpha-male in me (it is there somewhere) has the urge to shout “Suck it up buttercup, grow some balls and be a man”, but most of me is loving the fact that there is very little macho in the character as he curls in to a ball and gets pulped.

I enjoyed this part of the serial and will definitely be reading the next part.


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