The Education of A Pulp Writer & Other Stories by David Cranmer

The Education of a Pulp Writer

The Education of a Pulp Writer

I usually like the Beat To A Pulp (BTAP) covers. This one I’m not to keen on. I don’t like smoking for various reasons. It doesn’t normally bother me if there is somebody smoking on a book cover but on this one it seems to be the whole point of the cover. I know some people will like this, but for me it is an instant turn-off. I would have read it sooner if it had a different cover.

The BTAP books are pulpy in a refreshing and modern way. This is no exception. These stories are punchy and direct with the kind of snappy one-liners I really hope for when I read this kind of book. The first line of the first story knocks you back and read it again. Surely he didn’t start a story with that? Yes he did. Awesome. I must read more. That’s how this book started for me and it carried on in much the same way. Each story is very different from the last with the final one being one of Mr Cranmer’s excellent Cash Laramie stories. Wild West noir is so much better than I thought it would be. Blubber was probably my favourite though as it really does hit you hard and was a great way to start the collection.

The biggest problem with this book though is that it is way too short. I wanted at least two or three more stories in this book as I finished it way too quickly.



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