The Axeman of Storyville by Heath Lowrance

The Axeman of Storyville by Heath Lowrance

The Axeman of Storyville

I often start off by talking about a cover but before I even got that far the title had me hooked. Nothing quite says gruesome killed like having the word ‘Axeman’ in the title. This is not a splatter-fest horror book and so the minute details of the damage caused are mainly in the readers sordid little mind (I’m speaking for myself there). I really enjoy the fact that my mind was left to create the details from the just enough details given.

If you have read any of the Cash Laramie stories from Beat To A Pulp you have probably heard of Gideon Miles. Miles is billed as the first African American in the Marshall Service. If you do some quick research you can find real people such as Bass Reeves that really were in that situation. This story takes place in the prohibition era. Miles is no longer a Marshall and has come back from The Great War to settle down as a club owner in New Orleans.

Miles is a minor celebrity for his exploits as a Marshall and a soldier but is in his 60’s and looking for a quiet life. Not much chance of that for Miles. There is a scene where Miles gives a lesson to some young bloods that accost him on the street. It made me chuckle because I remember reading a story about a WW2 veteran that did a similar thing with his cane to some horrid little bullies. It is touches like this that add a realism that makes the story come alive.

I already loved the character of Gideon Miles but in this guise I found him compelling and want to read more about this period of his life.


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