Critical Dawn by Wearmouth & Barnes

Critical Dawn by Wearmouth and Barnes

Critical Dawn by Wearmouth and Barnes

Although the cover for this book is not stunning it is a Ronseal cover. It does what it says on the tin. I looked at that cover and I instantly knew it was a post-apocalypse near future science fiction story. Job done. The other thing I instantly thought of when I saw this cover was the film Independence Day. At times it did feel like the plot was mirroring that film. Thankfully it avoided the cheesy parts but did have the action and tension parts in common.

This story starts with the invasion of earth. There is an early twist though. The aliens have been watching and planning this for thousands of years. In fact their advance force burrowed deep in to the earth long ago. On a pre-determined date they rose to the surface and heralded the attack. It was a nice way to start the book.

I’m a big fan of Colin F. Barnes (not a stalker honest) and was a bit worried about reading a collaborative book like this. For me this kind of story needs a consistent voice. I have to admit that other than a few places I couldn’t tell what parts were written by which author. It flowed really well and the tension didn’t get choppy as a result. If it didn’t say so on the cover I’d assume it was written by a single author.

The characters in this book are believable and more importantly I wanted to find out more about them. The main character Charlie Jackson really appealed to me and there is plenty about his back story I still want to know. What exactly happened during the war? What exactly happened with Pippa? How did the nuclear arsenal of the entire world get neutralized? There are others too.

This is a gritty and engaging post-apocalypse novel that will keep you reading until the explosive finale.




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