Hollow Space Book 1: Venture (Xantoverse) by C.F. Barnes & T.F. Grant

Hollow Space Book 1

Hollow Space Book 1

The cover for this book makes it pretty clear what kind of book this is. As I started to read this book I couldn’t help relate the worm hole type effect and the space station to Deep Space Nine but it became apparent pretty quickly that it wasn’t anything like that. The technological retardation effect of hollow space is a great twist. Almost a steampunk feel to the far future. There is so much potential there and I can easily see how this could become a great series.

Some stories written by two authors can be clunky and obvious in the way they switch between the voices. There was one voice and the story flowed really well. The final quarter in particular was really well paced and almost impossible to put down. This book does have some dark and very nasty sections but in general there is a lightness and uplifting quality to this story.

This is a self-contained story with an ending but it is pretty clear that there are story arcs that are only going to be fully revealed in further books and personally I can’t wait to read them. The characters were vivid and interesting and the relationship between Kina and Sara felt a lot more passionate and real than can be found in a lot of similar novels.

This is a well written and fun read with just enough bite to keep the tension high.


One thought on “Hollow Space Book 1: Venture (Xantoverse) by C.F. Barnes & T.F. Grant

  1. Absolutely agree! Kina and Sara are a great combo, and the whole cast is just incredible. Hollow Space is my new favorite space epic, though it’s a tough toss up between it and Dark Space by Jasper T Scott.

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