Worms edited by Alex Davis

Worms edited by Alex Davis

I have never seen worms as being at all scary before. Tonight I really don’t fancy opening the composter in case there are worms on the surface. I’m still not sure about the cover of this book. Is that a single worm with two mouths or two worms. If two are they going to fight for their food? It is the kind of cover that makes me stop and look again and that is a good thing.

This anthology starts off with possibly the best title short story I’ve ever read. How can you beat Zombie Worms Ate My Hamster? On one hand it is really simple but there is as just something about the way that the words hang together that makes me want to say it again. Zombie Worms Ate My Hamster. After reading that title I had high hopes for that story and K.T. Davies did not disappoint. It was fun and disturbing in equal measure and a real pleasure to read. It was a great way to start a book and was my favourite story.

Each story within this collection feels different. They interpret how worms can be scary in very different ways and yet there is a nice flow between the stories. For less than the price of a frothy coffee it is a great way to spend a lunchtime or two.


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