King Wolf by Steven Savile

King Wolf by Steven Savile

This book cover kicks butt but it is also perfect for the book. The little touches like the apple really made it pop. The obvious fairy tale nature of the story provided some obvious allegorical references and then it started to get Grimm. There is a darkness that pervades these three stories. I thought that was going to be it though. A nice story wrapped in an allegory. Instead I found a story that seemed simple and easy to read but was much deeper and interesting than it first seemed. There was a lot of symbolism in this story aimed at differing levels to create maximum impact. There was a huge amount of reading between the lines and it was very effective.

This book contains three linked stories. Two I believe have been published before but that third story really made them work as a whole and it was hard to believe that they were not written as one piece. At only eighty two pages long it didn’t take long to leave but it was a damn sight more interesting than watching England play footie last night. I’m certainly glad I turned off the goggle box for this book.




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