Locke & Key Volume 2: Head Games by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

Locke & Key Volume 2: Head Games by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

I have been as guilty as others in the past of not giving enough credit to the artists  involved in Graphic Novels. That is almost impossible in this series. Gabriel Rodriguez has done such an amazing job of visualizing the story that it was impossible to picture things in any other way. I loved the embossed cover and the great use of colour that really made the key pop. If anything though the quality of the art got better when I looked inside. When I read a book like this I tend to do it twice. Once looking at every picture and word in every frame. Once I’ve finished that I sit back a bit and just look at the flow of the pictures and the narrative they represent. That was where this book really stood out for me. The little extras at the back of the book showing the stages of a cell being layered were fascinating.

This is the second in the Locke & Key series. The first book left a huge amount open questions that I couldn’t wait to be expanded on. Not many of them were answered and I now have a longer list of questions. Somehow this manages not to irritate me as I thought it would. Although I was aware of the larger story arc there was an abundance of quality writing to keep me thoroughly engaged and wanting more.

This book focused on Dodge and all the nastiness he represented. There were very few positives in this book. It was really dark and brooding. By the end of this part of the story it was very hard to imagine how anybody involved could survive Dodge’s machinations. The bounds of reality were stretched back upon themselves in this book and I certainly will not be putting any keys near the back of my head. I’ve already bought the third book and will be reading it very soon.



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