Carnosaur Weekend by Garnett Elliott

Carnosaur Weekend by Garnett ElliottWhen I first saw this cover I instantly thought it was the inside of a space ship. It was more interesting than that though. It was the inside of a time-share apartment. I loved the not so subtle play on the phrase time-share. What do the ultra rich do with all their money? They go golfing in prehistoric times of course.

This book was different from most of the science fiction books I’ve read. There were no lengthy expositions on how things were different. There was no social history essay. This story was as clear, concise and hard-hitting as the noir stories Garnett Elliott produces. It really worked. Most of the setting was in my head. I’d wager that if you asked ten people to descibe the locations and characters in this book you’d get ten different answers. Everything in these stories servers a purpose, there was no waste, no fuss and above all no faffing. These stories hit me in the face and ran off before I got the chance to see them coming.

This book was a great example of how a noir style of writing can work in the science fiction genre.


One thought on “Carnosaur Weekend by Garnett Elliott

  1. Garnett Elliott says:

    Very nice summation. The prose style in ‘Weekend’ was strongly influenced by William Gibson, who likes to throw a lot of vivid, sensory-impressions at you without lapsing into explanations. The reader puts it all together.

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