Reality Bites edited by Alex Davis

Reality Bites edited by Alex Davis

This anthology is a short sharp look at reality TV.  I’m pretty sure we’ve all wondered what would happen if zombies invaded the set of a reality TV show and eaten the vapid hosts or contestants. This book pokes fun (with a sharp stick) at the depths reality TV will sink to in the future. How else will they continue to get higher ratings and the advertising revenue that brings? The public will become inured and leave in their droves. This book asks the reader whether there is anything an executive would not do for ratings.

This book was structured in a way to intimate TV episodes rather than written stories. I liked that. I could almost hear the camera lenses whirring behind me. The six stories somehow managed to feel unrelated but at the same time inter-connected. There was the obvious link of them all being reality shows but there was more to it than that. In every story there was a character that seemed trapped, alone and desperate to escape the faux-reality they were part of. It was this link that intrigued me.

There is no way I’ll be able to watch The Voice in the same way tomorrow night and I love that. Will Rita Ora open her bag and admit to being a trained killer by killing the zombie hordes attacking the set?



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