How the West Was Written: Glossary by Ron Scheer

How The West Was Written: Glossary

Just in case the title is not clear enough THIS BOOK IS A GLOSSARY OF TERMS. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is what I call a Ronseal title. It does what it says on the tin. There were two questions that I struggle with. Why would any sane person buy a glossary? How on earth do you write a sensible review of a glossary. I hope to answer at least one of those.

This book contains a list of words and phrases. Some were new ways of using existing words and some were the beginning of the etymology for words and phrases. All of the entries in this tome can be found in the vast array of fiction written about this era. I had no idea that some of the phrases I use today had their roots in The Old West. I read this book from start to finish but a more useful and entertaining use for it would be to pick a page at random and read a few entries. This book gives the reader access to so colourful and interesting turns of phrase. I challenge you to use at least one term from this book at work over the next week.

I found this book really interesting. Like a thesaurus it is something to use when you are having trouble expressing yourself and I will certainly be doing so.


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