Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man by Tom Cox

Under The Paw: Confessions Of A Cat Man by Tom Cox

First I’ve got to start by saying that until about twelve years ago I was firmly a dog person. Cats were OK but my family were and mostly still are dog people. After some traumatic family events I decided that we needed something positive to focus on. A dog was out of the question as we both worked full time and could not commit to the amount of time and effort it would take. To cut a long story short we ended up getting two kittens (we only went for one but they were too cute spooning) that changed our lives. The kittens had an amazing impact on our lives. They made us laugh and helped placate us in less happy times. Our cat overlords can be a pain in the backside but we love them to bits.

Yes I am a cat man now. I’ll stop in the street and try to fuss cats that are clearly upset that I am not one of their nominated feeders. I’d like to say that’s why I read this book but it isn’t. When I’m playing games in the lounge late at night I normally hear very little in the way of noise. A few weeks ago I kept hearing giggling coming from our bedroom. My wife is not a particularly giggly person so I put down my controller and went to investigate. I couldn’t really ignore a recommendation like that so I decided to give it a go.

My wife was right. This book was hilarious and scary at the same time. I have now determined for sure that I am now a crazy cat man. I’m no longer in denial. Most of the things that I could not directly relate to I could easily pick out in several of my friends. If you want to understand cat people (as opposed to cat-people which are completely different) then this book will give you an interesting insight in to the peculiar affliction that is a cat obsession. If you have a cat yourself then you will probably spend most of the book giggling to yourself about one behaviour or another that you thought was yours alone.

This book is funny and insightful. I whole-heartedly recommend it.


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