Hard-Boiled Witch: Hocus Pocus, You’re Dead by K.A. Laity

Hocus Pocus, You're Dead by K.A. Laity

This was a very short title. One of the problems I have found with short serialized fiction that has decent cover art is that I expect something longer. This title made it a lot cleared than some that it was twenty pages long.

Kate Laity writes in several different genres and styles and I had forgotten how much I like her style of noir. This book was definitely hard-boiled but not quite as expected (which should be expected from Laity). I loved the simplicity and pace of this story. This was one of those books that somehow managed to convey a lot more story than possible for such a short story. I loved that. My brain seamlessly knew what Laity was trying to show without any long wordy descriptions.

Laity has produced a fun and interesting supernatural tale that works perfectly as hard-boiled noir. I’ll be grabbing the next installment soon.


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