Welcome To The Darkside – My Local Comic Shop

Killing Joke Graphic Novel and Joker Pop

Darkside Comics is my local comic shop. I can remember going to comic shops as a teenager and twenty five years later I’m starting to enjoy it again. A lot of that has to do with the owner Holly and the atmosphere she’s given to her business. It would be easy to say that as a woman she is bound to have more female customer than some of the creepy blokes that ran comic stores when I was a kid but that would be doing her a great disservice. Darkside is inclusive. Not as some lip service publicity seeking make a quick buck gimmick. Holly has a unique way of not just bringing all her customers together through comics but to enthuse people who wouldn’t necessarily ever visit a comic shop to want to visit. Whether is is through her women’s nights, pride tables or the cool Beast Boy stickers she puts of the comics for younger readers there is a genuine feeling of being part of a community just by walking in. For somebody like me that is awkward around people that is impressive, but when you consider my wife has now bought Squirrel Girl from there and my 9yr old has comics on order and loves having a look around. My eldest was an avid reader when he was nine so it has been hard for us to deal with a child who enjoys reading less. It is great to see him eager to read things and talk about the story afterwards.

Is Darkside the cheapest? No. We could get most things slightly cheaper elsewhere but we don’t just pay for  the comics. Holly understands a LOT better than silly Amazon algorithms what our tastes are. For example my boy is probably going to give Lumberjanes a go and I’m not sure that would be at all likely without Holly explaining to him what it is about. Is Darkside unique? I doubt it. I also know that whilst the bigger stores like Forbidden Planet are also great with how they treat people it doesn’t have the same personal feel every time you walk in. If you are ever anywhere near Chelmsford it is only about a minute from the train and bus stations and well worth your time.


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