Blood Bound by Sarah Cawkwell

This fantasy story is a first for me. If you’ve ever seen any of my reviews or comments about Sarah Cawkwell you’ll know I’m a bit of a fan. When I found out Fox Spirit had this story coming out I literally begged the publisher to let me read it early. Luckily for me they fell for my terrible attempt at a cute kitty look and sent me a copy.

When I was a teenager a lot of the AD&D adventurers I played were run by a DM who always included a LOT of undead in his adventures. These were not just skele bashing tomb raids though. They were high tension multilevel frighteners. In fact those adventures are some of my fondest memories from my teenage years. This story took me straight back to those feelings. I instantly saw myself creepy around a graveyard and not knowing exactly what was going to happen. As with those adventures running away only led to a worse fate than a simple death.

This story is short. Too short. There needs to be more. I finished the story and wanted to know more of the back stories. I wanted prequels and a follow-up. I’ll put aside me reliving my youth for a second. This feels like a taster or the kind of story you’d find in a chapbook. It is a complete story in itself but is clearly part of a larger story. Hopefully there will be enough interest in this to ensure a longer version is available soon.

Go buy this now so that I can read more.


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