Why should you review books?


Every time a person reviews a book an author does a dance. Some might go full on tango with a rose in their gob and others an uncomfortable shuffling dad dance, but they all do it. Seriously. Picture that every time you give a book a 5* review. On large book selling sites reviews have become that important.

Buying/renting and reading a book is well the best thing anybody can do but the below also hep:

Rating a book is good.
Rating a book and saying why you liked it is great.
Rating a book, saying how it made you feel or doing a critique of it is blinking awesome.

If you read comicbooks, special interest books or publications by small publishers this becomes even more important. You become a warrior fiercly protecting the fiction you love by telling others why it is great and how they could love it too.

If you don’t, who will?

What else can you do? Social media. It costs no money to setup a basic blog. Once you have something publicly accessible you can link to your aposts, even tag the authors. A surprising number of authors will retweet and/or thank you for a review. Some even respond kindly to negative reviews (I have no idea how).

Nothing I’ve said here takes any money and not a great deal of time and effort. Be enthusiastic, find your voice and make a difference.

Oh and finally if you think using a library doesn’t count you’d be surprised. There are schemes that mean authors get paid for each lend. When I was young the only access I had to books was through our local library. Sometimes I had to beg them to order a book in for me. Once there other people could read it to and that is why a library is a great community resource and one we can’t culturally afford to lose.

I’ll get down off my pulpit now and go read something, then I’ll write about it. Promise.


Ecko Burning by Danie Ware

This is the second Ecko book and I’ve been waiting to read it for a while. This is a strange book to classify as in the main it is a fantasy novel with a single cyberpunk character, but then it switches and is about a single fantasy character in a cyberpunk London. This is done in a fresh and fascinating way. I am still not sure which is the real world and which is the construct. It could even be that they are overlapping layers of a program designed to test the psychology of a patient. My personal theory is that the whole thing is a construct to hack the brain of Ecko. You can probably tell I’ve thought about this a bit.

I have to talk about Ecko. I love him as a main character. A big part of that is his dialogue. His speech patterns and his sarcasm really resonate with me. It wasn’t until about a quarter of the way through the second book that I realised that Ecko reminded me of Rorschach from Watchmen. The protective shield of being a sociopath that somehow never gets in the way of helping people. OK so Rorschach is very different in some ways but for me there is something there.

Parts of this book feel like an epic fantasy and others like a near future cyberpunk story. Not just in the content. There is a different feel and pace to the writing as the world changes. I really enjoyed this.

I was drawn in and swept along with this story. I enjoyed it from start to finish and will definitely be buying the third one. Unusually for me these days I bought these in paperback rather than as an ebook. I have two reasons for this. Firstly that I wanted signed copies and secondly that I want to lend these to a couple of friends that I think I can convince to appreciate these stories.

Ultimate Adventure Magazine Press Release

I wouldn’t normally post something like this, but I think it is interesting for several reasons. Firstly and most interestingly for me is that it is something else that Andy Remic is doing. Does that man EVER sleep? Between writing, editing, running his own publisher how on earth does he find to to edit a magazine? The other interesting thing is that it is free. That is my favourite price for anything. Oh and the cover appears to be slating Clarkson which is always good.

Finally and most intriguing is that it is an adventure magazine with a short story section. I haven’t seen that before. Downsides? Some of the colours make me cringe and are not pleasant on my eyes.

For immediate distribution.

Ultimate Adventure Magazine Issue 2 is now available to download or read online.

Issue 2 contains swimming with Tiger sharks, Al Humprey’s “Microadventures” including climbing on the Isle of Skye, swimming Lake Bala with the British RAF, Pom on a Postie 2 (crossing Australia on a moped), The Art of Geocaching, interviews with Jon Bodan of metal band Halcyon Way, author Geoff Nelder and chocolate event organiser Ruth Shedwick.
That’s as well as rants from Grumpy Old Man and The Anti-Clarkson, and reviews of boots, kit, Bear Grylls, Brian Blessed and the Landrover Freelander! Plus, a chance to win 1 of 3 copies of Corel’s VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate, worth £79.98 each!!
Holy choc!
Check it out at: www.uamag.co.uk