Riding The Centipede by John Claude Smith

Riding The Centipede by John Claude Smith

I bought this book mainly because I enjoyed Autumn In The Abyss by the same author. As I started reading this I thought I was going to write a lazy review citing the obvious Burroughs influences. The more I read this book the more it got inside my head. There is an odd flow to this book. The prose slithered a slimy path across my consciousness. It tickled that part of me deep within my lizard brain (pun intended) and genuinely made me question my perception of reality on occasion.

In simple terms this story assumed that all the drug-fueled warped writing of authors such as Burroughs were not just ravings. They were founded in a reality. The search for the ultimate hit was actually a search for the entrance to somewhere else. A dimension with different rules where insects rule and mankind was tolerated.

There were three strands to this story that slowly converged to create a twisted knot of realities. I was really grateful that the author put the character title in the chapter titles. That made it really easy to put myself in the right place as I started to read each chapter.

I only have one negative thing to say about this book. It uses one of my most hated words. Every time I hear or read the word impactful I cringe. It makes no sense to me but in the context of this story I guess I can cope as it hits the contrary nature of the conjoined realities.


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