I Can’t Take The Adverts – I Got The Kindle Fire Blues

Kindle Fire 7

Sorry if you were expecting a catchy blues number.

I bought a Kindle Fire 7″ for a silly price to use as a cheap e-reader. I should have realized there would be a catch…

The reason it was £10 cheaper was because there was a discount for having adverts embedded. I didn’t think it would bother me. For a tenner I could cope. That lasted for a total of five times picking up the device. Pressing the on button and seeing an advert before I’d even unlocked it destroyed the calm I need to read. When I read for pleasure it is to escape. I haven’t installed any social media, games or any other apps on to my Fire. It exists purely so I can be distracted from the world and read. My salvation and sanity rely on such things (and it has shown over the last year without a reader). Seriously though the irrational anger I felt pressing the on button and seeing an advert stopped me reading and I just put the device down.

Don’t panic though, if you go to your Amazon account you can pay that extra tenner in your device settings and lose the adverts instantly. That was scarily impressive actually. I now have an OK e-reader at what was still a great price. If I had the money I’d have gone for a paper white as the reading experience is much better but I’d spent all my budget on toy soldiers and I haven’t been reading enough to justify a more expensive reader at the moment.


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