Double Dead by Chuck Wendig

I like the writing of Chuck Wendig. I regularly read his blog and have read all of his writing advice and short stories that I have been able to buy. So I pretty much knew what this book was going to be like. Or at least I thought I did. Some people do not like the amount of profanity contained in Mr Wendig’s work and surprisingly for a zombie apocalypse novel where everything goes totally to pot there is a lot less of that kind of language than I’d expected. Don’t get me wrong this is no YA fluffy bunny horror and the language is appropriately expressive where needed. I fully intend to try and get my 15yr old to try and read this book so it can’t be too obscene.

This novel centres around a Zombie apocalypse and the main character is a Vampire called Coburn. Well that is instantly a couple of ticks on the fun-o-meter straight away. The world is screwed and in some ways the environment reminded me a bit of Mad Max as they made their way across America. Every time I thought things had got pretty bad they got worse until eventually. Well they don’t exactly get better, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the ending for you so you’ll just have to read it instead. If Zombies and Vampires are not enough for you try adding in some Zombie/Vamp hybrids, redneck fanatics and some frat house dope fiends who dress as clowns with access to the whole armoury of an air force base. Yep it gets that messed up.

I am a big fan of main characters that are not exactly nice people and I think it is a good sign when a writer can get me to empathise with a character like this. Coburn is not a lovable rogue he is a right little bugger (that was as polite as I could manage). The plot is gradually trickled through without being overly obvious. The ending leaves some questions and more importantly leaves a great big opening for a follow-up story. I certainly finished this book wanting to know what the new and improved Coburn would be like, although I can foresee some serious emotional issues bleeding through.

This is a great first novel that satisfies a need for a good old supernatural horror and leaves you wanting more. Oh and Coburn has a pet dog called Creampuff that he rescued.


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