Holy Stupid Idea Batman!

I just did something that is stupid on an epic scale. I signed up to run a marathon in 233 days.

Let me put this in to context. I have not run at all in twenty years. I have never run more than about eight miles ever. I’m about 250lbs and currently not very fit with a typical middle age spread.

Why on earth would I do something that stupid?

Firstly I am a miserable and insular loner most of the time, but to feel on occasion that I should help people. J’s Hospice do more to help young people than I ever could so I’m more than willing to accept a little (OK hideous amounts) of pain to help them.

On a more personal level though I struggle to lose weight or get fit unless I have a goal. Last time it was a three hour fitness challenge raising money to aid Help for Heroes. I like a challenge and as I was applying it seemed like a good idea. Now? I’m scared witless about how I’m going to achieve this. Conditioning and stretching starts today with slight running over short distances to commence next week.

I must be more than slightly insane but this is a good idea both for my own longevity and quality of life but more importantly to help others and be a useful member of society. The more sponsorship I get the less able I am to bottle it and just pay the money so feel free to pop on to my sponsorship page. If not have a good old laugh at the thought of me dragging my sorry carcass over twenty six flipping miles.


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